Amisha Mewada biography, age, height, weight, networth, family & more - shortwiki

Amisha Mewada biography, age, height, weight, networth, family & more

Amisha Mewada biography, age, height, weight, networth, family & more

Do you want to know about Amisha Mewada, if yes then you have come to the right place. In this blog we will know who is Amisha Mewada, and full details of Amisha Mewada.

Who is Amisha Mewada - Amisha Mewada is an Indian video creator who mostly makes comedy videos. Amisha started her journey with tiktok, which used to put lip syncing videos every day. It started becoming popular with Tiktok in which he had more than 600k followers. Today she uploads her videos on different social media platforms, in which she gets millions of views and likes.

    Amisha Mewada biography 

    Amisha Mewada biography
    Amisha Mewada biography 

    Amisha Mewada was born on 5 November 2002 in Mumbai, india in a Hindu family. She also did her schooling from Mumbai and is currently living with her family in Mumbai, India. Her luck turned when she started uploading videos in Tiktok and her videos started going viral. The reason Amisha's video went viral was the result of her excellent content and her hardwork hidden behind it. She has completed more than 600k followers in her Tiktok account. But after a few days Tiktok was banned in India.

    When Tiktok was banned in India, they felt very bad because it was not able to share its content. But within a few days, the features of short videos came to different video platforms. Amisha Mewada, seeing this opportunity, also started uploading the video. Due to which today Amisha Mewada has more than 100k followers on platforms like Instagram. She also shares its videos on other lip syncing videos platform.

    Personal information

    Now we will know about the personal information of Amisha Mewada, in which we will cover the complete personal information of Amisha. Amisha Mewada bf, her age, hometown, date of birth and many more.

    Name - Amisha Mewada

    Gender - Female 

    Date of Birth - 5 November 

    Birth place - Maharashtra, India 

    Age - 20 years (2022)

    Profession - video creator 

    Nationality - Indian

    Religion - Hinduism 

    Amisha Mewada age

    Amisha Mewada age
    Amisha Mewada age

    Amisha Mewada age - Amisha Mewada was born on 5 November 2002 in Mumbai, India. That is, the birthday date of Amish Mewada is 5 November. So, according to 2022, the age of Amisha Mewada is 20 years. Amisha mewada is very young and hot looking. Amesha's dressing style, cute smile and beautiful looks make her quite different from others. Perhaps this is the reason why people love her videos so much. That is why in such a short time, Amesha completed the milestone of 100k followers on Instagram so quickly.

    Amisha Mewada height & weight

    Amisha Mewada height is about 5 feet 4 inches. Amisha Mewada weight around 50 kg. She keeps her body in balance, Goes to gym regularly. Stays fit and also keeps herself healthy, Lives on regular diet.

    Physical appearance

    Amisha Mewada height

    Height - 5.4 ft

    Weight - 50 kg

    Eye colour - Dark brown 

    Hair colour - Black

    Amisha Mewada net worth

    Most of Amisha Mewada's income comes from paid promotion, collaboration with brands and advertising. He has charged a lot of fees by collaborating with many brands.

    If we talk about Amisha Mewada's monthly income, then her income can range from 1 lakh to 2 lakh. And the net worth of Amisha Mewada can range from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs. Friends, whatever I am telling you their income is an estimate. Amisha's monthly income and net worth can be high or it can be less.

    Amisha Mewada Instagram

    Amisha Mewada has good follower base on Instagram. Her most of the videos are trending in the Instagram. People's loves seeing Amisha Mewada reels or photos.

    Amisha Mewada Family

    Amisha Mewada is currently living in Mumbai with her family. Total 4 people live in its family, which is their mother, father, Brother and herself. 

    Father name - Not known 

    Mother name - Not known 

    Sistor name - Not known 

    Brother name - Not known 

    Amisha Mewada Marital status and more

    Right now Amisha Mewada is not married she is single. Amisha Mewada boyfriend name

    Marital status - Unmarried

    Affair/Boyfriend - Not known 

    Amisha Mewada phone number

    Amisha Mewada photo
    Amisha Mewada photo 

    Amisha Mewada contact number - Amisha Mewada is popular because people like them very much. That's why she has lakhs of followers in her social media who want to know its mobile number. So now we will talk about Amisha Mewada phone number so that you can contact with her.

    Amisha Mewada email :

    Amisha Mewada WhatsApp Number : will be updated soon.

    Amisha Mewada Mobile Number : will be updated soon.

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